One Day At A Time

We found our our son was High Functioning Autism Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – right before we moved to a new State.  All of our lives have been affected with this diagnosis.  It has been stressful, and amazing at the same time.  This blog is a record of our life and trials, our blessings and disco

uragements.  It is composed of what I call my Heart, Soul and Passion.  The heart of the blog is my family – full of love and commitment.  The soul of this blog is made up of my own deep thoughts and f

eelings while going through life.  The passion is what I did and do to keep sane through it all – the way I remained balance throughout it all, and to this day.  It is an amazing life and experience. Full of good and bad, ups and downs, blessings and discouraging times.  It is about our life and our experiences.  Welcome to A is for Amazing.  

I was born and raised in the Heartland of the U.S. My spouse was working his way up the management ladder of a well known company the retail world and relocation was a requirement.  So we moved immediately after we wed in 1985.

After 10 years of bouncing around –  we decided to start a family and settle down.  

We found out that I was pregnant with our second child right after the adoption fell through.  Eventually, I was able to conceive two more times and thus, our family was a reality.  We had two girls who sandwich our only son – our middle child full of drama.My husband took a retail job with another company and, after 7 years of infertility treatments, a failed adoption and a miscarriage,  I became pregnant – only to miscarry.  After waiting several more years, we decided to adopt.  For two years, we went through all the required steps for adoption.  We even met the birth mother.  This too failed.



When inner thoughts combine with the feelings of the heart, it gives birth to the emotion that produces passion.  That passion becomes the driving force of the heart which reveals the soul



When the heart is fulfilled through Faith, Family, Friends and Fun, then that emotion generates passion which feeds and nourishes the soul ….through creativity.




When emotion that comes from the heart releases itself through creativity that emotion, channeled correctly, produces a passion that releases the soul.


Unique Creations, Photography, Costumes, Sewing projects